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Tea Cup: A Study in Brokenness

The teacup is yellowed and fragile, and when I go looking for a reference, I discover I possess too many heirlooms full of fine fractures. Some of the most beautiful things in this home are marked with imperfections.

It was well after I painted the break and printed the first round for the shop that an old friend asked me if I was familiar with kintsugi. She told me about the way craftsman in fifteenth century Japan repaired broken wares with fine gold powder, highlighting the quality of the repair work and the cost of redeeming something so valuable. It’s worth increased because of the craftsmanship of the repair.

In kintsugi, the break becomes more obvious, but the repair is the object of admiration. I can’t stop thinking about it.

I considered going back and adding a bit of gold, or painting a new piece, highlighting the brokenness redeemed. But this series is about the broken places, the unfinished stories, the places we are still waiting for redemption, holding out hope.

One day I’ll paint a picture with golden redemption, but for now I hang the teacup in the kitchen and whisper a prayer for all the still broken places. Read more…

Nest: A Study in Brokenness

Broken eggshells once held life: sustained, protected, nourished. No more.

Here, the eggshell blue leaked off the brush all broken. Fragile, jagged edges usher new life. What has broken the shell will wrestle free, emerge messy and sightless, be fed, learn to fly.

It’s the sick who need a doctor, and while we celebrate wholeness and healing, we remember the broken places, too. We remember and whisper hope to the places still held together by fragile shells, speak courage to the messy middle between unhatched and free flight.

It’s funny to think of broken fragments as a birthplace of hope, but I do.

{This 8×10 Print of Nest: A Study in Brokenness is available here.}

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

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Heaven and Nature Sing

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Repeat the Sounding Joy

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O Come To Us, Abide With Us

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When we moved into our new home, and our walls were all but bare, these were the words I needed to see everyday: Dwell. Abide.

These 8×10 prints are created from the originals, which have hung in our home these last two and a half years, speaking to me about my life in this place. They remind me about the slow living, about the birds that do not worry about tomorrow, and that this world is not my home, not really.

You can read a bit about my journey learning to dwell here, or check out the prints over at the Be Small Studios Etsy shop. {or click here to read about the Abide print.}


Abide. I once wrote that it is truly the most beautiful word I have ever heard.

“Abide” reminds me that there is a way of remaining, belonging, continuing and pressing into love and life. It captures a crucial transformation in my own journey, and you can read a bit about that here if you like.

You can also find the Abide print at the Be Small Studios Etsy shop.

It’s pictured here with another print, Dwell,  playing on the same themes. Sweet abiding, friends.


Let Love

Let Love was painted after the words swirled around in my heart, during a season of heartache.

You can read the original “Let Love” post here, and find the print in our Etsy shop.

Be Small

Now available in our Etsy shop, Be Small is the signature print of Be Small Studios. It is a sweet reminder of the currency of childhood: acorns and pebbles and small seashells; a tribute to the gift of being small and loved.

Be Thankful

Now available in our Etsy shop, Be Thankful features a small pumpkin shaped gourd. It reminds us of the powerful gift of gratitude, and how it transforms the small and seeminly insignificant into a gift.

Be Loved

Now available in our Etsy shop, Be Loved features a golden leaf, small and glorious. It serves as a reminder that there is a goodness in resting in love.

Be Free

Now available in our Etsy shop, Be Free is a reminder of the good work of chrysalis building, the promise of what comes after caterpillars and much waiting. Be Free is a call to spread your wings and ride that sweet summer breeze.