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New Year, New Sketches

It’s 2017 and I’m coming back to this place after almost three years to share a little bit of┬ámy art, to collect a few thoughts.

I’m working this year at creating a sketch a day, and sharing them over on instagram. I’d love to connect over there.

And I’ll pop in here to share thoughts, now and then, about cultivating creativity and connection and conversations around art and faith and everyday small graces.

Sunday hopes. #besmallstudios2017 14/365

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If you want to stay connected, there’s a little box at the bottom of this page where you can drop your email address, and hopefully, one of these days, a little newsletter, or a pretty print will arrive in your inbox. I’d love to connect with you there too.

Happy New Year, friends.

Introducing the Growly Books

I spent a good portion of my childhood doodling away. I’d borrow library books for the illustrations alone, with plenty of Robert McCloskey, Beatrix Potter and Garth Williams always nearby. Children’s books are the place I first discovered art, besides, of course the stars and blades of grass and all created goodness. Illustrators I loved as a child had the ability to capture a story in pencil or paint and let that drawing serve as an invitation into story and imaginative play.

So when Phil and Erin Ulrich contacted me this winter to see if I’d be interested in illustrating their children’s novel, my heart leapt. They sent an early draft of the first Growly Book as I was heading out the door to spend an evening with my grandmother. That night I read the first several chapters aloud as I sat next to her bed, like she’d done so many times for me.

I came home and began to read it to my children, and they fell in love with the characters and their epic adventures right along with me. I agreed to illustrate, and Growly’s story has become part of ours now. Read more…

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Custom Illustrations {Granola Mom 4 God & Naturally His }

Custom Illustrations {Lisa-Jo Baker}

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