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Tonight the temps dip below zero, so I'm bringing in the last bit of summer. I let our tiny gardens go wild this year when I hit the eighth month of pregnancy in August, but these beauties (and a lot of weeds) persevered on rain & sunshine. Grateful for a little beauty on a sleep deprived, long Friday.

Sweet Abbie Clare. Eleven days of new baby bliss (and sleep deprivation!).

This is the kind of family I come from: the kind that keeps googly eye stickers in their purses in case you need them for photo-ops or embarrassing your kids at the bus stop. Apparently, my sister found a kindred spirit in @bobgoff at #MomCon2015! Wish I was woth you, @betty_homemaker1!

Starting to find little September collections, gathered and organized by the little hands.

Today, self-care looks like taking care of all the little things at home while listening to @tshoxenreider & @emilypfreeman talk about the value of small. So good.

I'm sharing over at @grace_table today about the thin lines between art and life, and how my making sometimes reveals the state of my heart. Join me, and share your story too? (Link in profile)

Technically my body is home, but the toes of my soul are still warm in the sand.

Hey, @sdsmithereens & @zachfranzen! Look what I just spy on display at our local library here in NY!

The end of July, the last two blooms of my favorite, favorite flower in the garden.

Oh, hey July. Ice-tea & a book on the front porch, an attempted moment of solitude, interrupted by a serendipitous visit from a neighbor passing by, two wildly energetic kids bouncing in and out, and phone calls from two of my favorite people in the world. Hope your interruptions are as happy today.

Last day of school! Hello, summer vacation! 😎🌞

June is a good time for painting flowers. Hope your weekend has a splash of color, friends, a little beauty hiding in the midst of everything you're walking through.

#itssimplytuesday at the farm

Front yard flowers and a little window of time to work. It might be half way over, but I'm finding my Monday groove here.

The happiest of days to kick off my birthday weekend. We surprised the kids with a trip to the beach as they were walking out the door for school, and now the long drive home. The ocean is always good for the soul. So grateful.

They use an electronic system now, but I love when my kids' library books come home with these old relics tucked inside. One of my favorite games as a kid was playing library – pulling books together and making sign out cards and begging my sisters to come check out books.

Garden thoughts.

How do I get myself roped into these things? Lessons learned: lettering on a drop cloth is tricky, but cost effective; these things always take longer than you'd expect; everything will look cuter when you add Kindergarteners' handprints.

Thankful for Sunday nights after very full weekends, and for apple blossoms and backyard sprinklers and homemade ice cream. #latergram

Brave girls being brave, just before the big dip! #itssimplytuesday

All this spring light & fresh air is reminding me to see the ordinary, small things again. We walk all day on well worn pine, 100-years-of-footsteps-old. I love imagining the stories this house holds, but I shudder to think what's deep in those cracks.

The best kinds of bouquets.

Old painting in a quiet night house. One more cup of water for little ones in their beds. Open windows and a spring breeze.

I've always been a cyclical learner. I circle around phrases and verses and ideas. I've been humming this song and lettering these lyrics in notepads and margins and chalkboards all spring, hoping they take root deep down. What words are you circling around these days?