A Little Housekeeping & Some Good Words About Art

This space has been small growing, a post-when-you-can sort of corner. InstaGrams and prints in the shop. A guest post here and a guest post there.

Be small. That is the heart of this place and I don’t mind if things grow slow. (I might prefer them a teensy bit slower, actually.) I’m learning as I go here.

I have something beautiful up my sleeve, though.  Soon, we’ll be welcoming some new voices here to share letters with you: letters to the artist who is just starting out, letters to the makers who are young and emerging, regardless of calendar years.  Words from men and women who are creating and calling us to join in the adventure. So stay tuned for that, okay? And if you’d love to share your own letter, please drop me a line.

In other news, have you seen this little guy?
I’m beyond thrilled to be partnering with Phillip and Erin Ulrich to illustrate this amazing chapter book. I’m so excited to share more soon! (For now, you can follow along on Erin’s blog or on “Growly’s” very own facebook page.)

For today, though, I wanted to share three beautiful voices that have breathed courage into me about the goodness of creating.

Emily Freeman
Emily is writing a book about art, and you can read about it here. Listening to her talk art (amidst other topics of varying hilarity and intrigue) on Tsh’s Homefries podcast is my favorite way to fold laundry. Her posts leading up to this book have encouraged, challenged, and resonated deeply.

Sarah Bessey
She’s talking about her writing process, but this post, about generosity and art and manna from heaven, speaks to artists of every kind. I

Rebecca Reynolds for Story Warren:
Oh, I just discovered this space this weekend, and I don’t have enough good words for Story Warren.  Consider this: “Story Warren exists to serve you as you foster holy imagination in the children you love.” I am head over heels. And this piece by Becca Reynolds ties together so many threads of art and faith and parenting and weaves them into one seamless piece.

So, that’s a little creative love for you today, friends.  Is there something that’s been inspiring you lately? A good word for the creative soul or maybe a conversation or project or afternoon nap that’s helped fuel your creativity? I’d love to hear about it!



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  1. Thanks for stopping by my space yesterday. I was so happy to see your name because I have your “Be Small” print on a table in my living room. How many times a day do I pass by it and whisper to myself, “be small, be small.” I think you and I are listening to the same Spirit and that gives me such comfort. You do beautiful work. Thank you!

  2. Hi Annie!

    I am so excited for you! I just love my “be loved” art found in our s.w.a.g. bags at Allume.
    Thank you so much! I knew you would grow. You have such a talent and looking forward to watching you fly. Happy Easter!

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